My Fellow BB’s

This week as been an interesting one and as such, a sad one as well.

I have realized that no longer can we really hope of staying a united Church in Christ.

The divitions has begun. There are no turning back for the Body of Christ,especially in my loving country of birth, South-Africa.

For one of our greatest church groups has okayed the admission of gays into their denomonations with certain criteria. The end result is that many are in a state of confusion, wondering, where to go frome here?

For the ones that acknowledge the Word of God as the only Truth , there is a rough road ahead of us. If the Church of Christ acknowledge the sin of gays and lesbianism into their congregations. I am just wondering, what is next?

Maybe coming together with other faiths, denying the validitiy of Jesus Christ as the only Way to the true God?

I hope not. Only the future will learn. Though there is a saying:Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.

The die has been cast, the Church of Christ has begun to hang themselves.

Although I hope as a fellow believer in Christ living in South-Africa that my fellow believers will come to their senses before it is too late.


Your Fellow Bb and Fellow Believer in Christ



Dear Fellow BB’s

Have you found yourselves in a place where you have to make choices that can impact your future for good? This past week I have found myself at such a place.

It had been my dream a long time ago to become an investor. To make extra money so that I can have more financial freedom. Then again I also had a dream to become a writer for the Lord Jesus Christ that  make an impact in His kingdom.

My fellow BB’s two things had happened instantaneously. The first occurrence took place then God through His Spirit gave me a business plan using my writing skills to make an impact in His kingdom. The other occurrence took place then I started to get these emails luring me into going into international stock trading.

At first I thought I can do both than I realized with the business plan God gave me to develop and my other work commitments I cannot do both. I have to choose. Then God spoke to me through two messages  that I have heard that we as believers of Christ should focus on the eternal perspective and not this temporary world we are living in now.

So I stand my fellow BB’s to follow the eternal perspective. To dive into the pool of trust and to be obedient to the calling on my life.My fellow BB’s I do not know how it will impact my life, but I do know this that it shall impact the lives of others.

May you find strength in God’s grace to make good wise choices according to your eternal perspective and to learn to trust God when it comes to the things of this temporary world.


Your Fellow BB and Fellow Believer in Christ Jesus


Dear Fellow BB’s

Our hectic world is unnecessarily filled with never ending choices. You can do this or not do that or the sky is the limit.

For me I love the simple life. Not the twists and turns that seem to fill every void space in our lives. See I hate complications. You either do or don’t want to. For me life should be so simple.

I guess I am not made for the ratrace. The endless running after the things that do not make you happy anyhows.

What put a smile to my face is a child’s love, a garden in full bloom, a rainbow in the sky after it rains and  good food in the  company of good friends. This is all I am aiming for right now is to make my life less complicated and to fill that void empty spaces with all the things that put a smile on my face.

You see somehow I realized along the way running in the ratrace makes you tired all the time. So tired that you do not enjoy life anyhow. So as they say: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

May I never become dull and complicated. May I rather be so full of zest for life that I fire up the all those I come in contact with everyday.


Your Fellow BB and Fellow Believer in Christ


Dear Fellow BB’s

This week had been quite been interesting for me. Not only did I lost some spare cash to an investment sceme, but also yesterday a man I never saw in my town asked me about how to get to Jesus Christ our Messiah.

Fellow BB’s this was totally something out of my comfort zone. I quess the Heavenly Father is busy getting everyone of us out of our comfort zones. Fellow BB’s as you know it is absolutely not exactly a walk in the park.

This is what being a true disciple of God really is about. We need to trust God and submit under His reign so that He can work through us as He chooses. You want to meet someone who does not trust easily. Come and drink coffee with me some time and I will tell you all about myself and my nitty kritty trust issues.

I really irritate myself sometimes,however I need to climb the mountain of trust, for I will not know what my Heavenly Father has in store for me next. Any ordinary day can turn into an extraordinary day with Christ in reign of your life.

May you also find peace and courage as your ordinary days turn into extraordinary days.


Your Fellow BB and Fellow Believer in Christ


Dear Fellow-BB’s

I do not have much to write about this week and I do not have much to say.

This morning I have done my administration regarding my personal finance and dear fellow BB’s it is diffult. All of the planning, all of the worrying of wondering if you will ever have enough.

I quess every responsible adult have that same worry. Yet it can also be a amazing journey in the sense that if you are willing to stuck it out with God He shall provide every step of the way in every need you may have.

Next time when I do the administration regarding my personal finances I will see it as a testimony of God’s grace how He provide everytime for every need.


Your Fellow BB and Fellow Believer in Christ


Dear Fellow BB’s

The start of this week has really been interesting in that I had another lesson to learn. This time this lesson takes on a new twists and turns.

Last week due to the flexibility of my job I searched for online job opportunities in which I wanted to utilize my free time. I came upon this great investment opportunity and I decided to find out more about it despite my heart telling me not to.

Blessingly I have not yet invest any funds due to the lack thereof at this point. Then today the Lord talked to me about the plan that He have for me, which I must follow.

I will follow God’s plan for my life. He is my Provider and Protecter after all.

This got me thinking about a verse in the Bible:  ” Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. ” Proverbs 16v3 NIV

If we bring all your plans to the Lord and lay it at His feet, He will guide us in the right timing and ways in which to fillfull those plans. Then they shall be successful.

For God only can open doors and opportunities when we are ready for it.

May you find how the Lord open up doors of opportunities for you as you bring your plans to His feet.


Your Fellow BB and Believer in Christ


Dear Fellow Bb’s

This week I really have been struggling with my emotions regarding how I feel about myself. I have gone into
self destruction mode, making myself really thinking bad about myself.

The strangest thing is I really have no reason to feel this way. I have friends who loves me, I have a Heavenly
Father that absolutely adores me and I am blessed in having my needs fulfilled.

I acted like a spoiled brat, shamefully adopting an unthankful attitude. My fellow BB’s this is not appropriate and there are no excuses in behaving all this way. And to say we are woman therefore we will have emotional
issues to deal with.

My fellow BB’s this is absolutely a lie from the devil. We need to take responsibiltiy of our own lives in the grace and mercy of the gift of the cross that have already been given to us and take on our crosses that each one of us has been given to bear.

Nearly all of us has negative self-esteem issues. Men and women alike. Unfortunately there are no short cuts therefore we need to seek the solution outside of ourselves and not from the inside out.

The only cure for our self-esteem issues is to go and sit at the feet of the Heavenly Father that accepted you for who you are in Christ Jesus. In this way we will receive new “eyes” through which we will learn to accept and see

Once we can come to that point where we see ourselves through the eyes of our Creator our lives will automatically
take on a dramatic twist for the better.

May you receive the ‘eyes” of the Heavenly Father this week so that you can be happily content with yourself.


Your Fellow BB and Fellow Believer in Christ